2012 Media Coverage


12月.19.2012 -

451 CAOS Theory

- "On the rise and fall of the GNU GPL"
12月.11.2012 -

HealthCare Payer News

- "HIX Digest for the Week of December 10, 2012"
12月.10.2012 -


- "8 Biggest Myths About Managing Geeks"
12月.07.2012 -

IT in Canada

- "IT in Canada profile: Black Duck Software"
12月.05.2012 -


- "Black Duck announces Ohloh enhancements"
12月.04.2012 -


- "BRL-CAD, the world's oldest open-source software system"
11月.28.2012 -

Inside Counsel

- "OSS spurs IP protection concerns"
11月.16.2012 -

Fast Company

- "6 Ways Being A Parent Makes You A Better Leader"
11月.05.2012 -


- "Top Places to Work 2012"
11月.05.2012 -

Developer IQ

- "Interview with Phil Odence from Black Duck Software"
11月.04.2012 -

The Boston Globe

- "The Boston Globe Top Places to Work 2012"
10月.30.2012 -

Financial Tech Spotlight

- "Black Duck Releases Q3 Results"


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Don't miss this article: Open-source software management fails to meet security concerns https://t.co/frQRGNngEH… https://t.co/hYk0c1yTvZ
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Great article in @InformationAge about #Opensource #security challenges in cars https://t.co/k7aUVh8RlF… https://t.co/meJBr0uUW1
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Eine Studie von Black Duck kommt zu dem Ergebnis, dass immer mehr Unternehmen auf Open-Source-Softwa https://t.co/QNJ0xgGmka #OSS360
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Interesting: IBM product offers end-to-end support for building #microservices in the cloud or on-prem… https://t.co/JmQJcusvg2
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Using #OpenStack? New guides and tutorials for OpenStack via @opensourceway https://t.co/YplyAL4Ave

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